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Post  Potchi on Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:46 am

Follow these rules:

1. No porn.
2. No advertising.
3. No spam in any forum besides Spam.
4. No flaming.
5. No off topic posts.
6. Do not post in disturbing fonts and colors.
7. No flashing avatars or signatures that may harm the eyes.
8. Staff members must NEVER abuse their powers. If they do, I will remove their Staff status.
9. Do not post someone else's work.
10. Do not post too much in your signature.
11. Do not show disrespect to staff members.
12. Do not make multiple accounts.
13. Do not mini-mod (posting just so he / she can tell them that they are breaking a rule)
14. Try not to post liek dis.
15. Do not impersonate staff members.
16. Constantly moaning or complaining about the forum wont be tolerated. Voicing your opinion is fine providing it is not constant flaming.
17. Do not post links to inappropriate objects, websites, etc.
18. Do not fight with a member. Take it to PM.

Bump Rule:
Do not post in topics older then 7 days.

Double Post rule:
Do not Double post. Simply Edit youre previous post.


Rules will be added, or deleted, so check the rules often.

You will be either warned, temp-banned, or perma-banned, if you disobey these rules too much. Depends on how much you disobey.

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